4G LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT in Australia

I had to laugh when I logged in recently and noticed that I had posted that Telstra had launched their NB-IoT network in January. Clearly this was an “announcement” rather than anything more.

We’ve only now received some SIM cards to test on their NB-IoT network, and apparently even then it is only available in limited locations.

BUT Cat-M1 is good to go!

What I can say is that Telstra’s Cat-M1 network is working well and we have been testing on it with some of our new devices.

Coverage is excellent and we have been told by those in the know that Telstra’s 4GX network (that supports Cat-M1) will have equivalent and better coverage than their 3G network by end of 2018.

At the time of writing the coverage is pretty impressive given the size of Australia! Take a look at the Telstra coverage map here: https://www.telstra.com.au/business-enterprise/solutions/internet-of-things/iot-coverage

Cat-M1 offers better link budget and building penetration

So here I can offer this example. I generally have a range of our tracking devices being tested in my car. The 3G signal in the garage at my house has typically been bad but testing with our new G62 4G Cat-M1 device shows decent signal strength and no problem operating.

More info on the G62 here: https://www.digitalmatter.com/Devices/4G-(Cat-M1-NB-IoT)/G62-CatM1-NB-IoT

I’ll be putting up some more info soon on why you should care about 4G Cat-M1 and NB-IoT and why we are busy migrating our cellular devices to use this new technology.

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