Tracking A Camera Bag on Holiday in Iceland

So our staff go to some interesting places on holiday 🙂

Jamie is currently travelling in Iceland and is using our Digital Matter Sting device and a roaming SIM card to keep track of his camera bag while he is travelling. (better safe than sorry, given Alex’s recent experience of having his laptop stolen while he was at MWC Barcelona – unfortunately he didn’t have a Sting in his laptop bag otherwise he would have been able to track the thief and recover his bag!).

The Sting is great for this type of tracking – and is easily recharged via the USB port. We’ve jammed as much Li-Po battery as we can in there (2,500 mAh battery) and the firmware intelligently manages when to get GPS fixes and upload the data. A typical bag tracking use case gets us between 3 and 6 months battery life. Which is really fantastic as I really don’t like having to charge up my devices every couple of days.

Below is the Sting lounging on the ice at Diamond Beach in Iceland. The little lens on the Sting is there to allow light in – the Sting has a light sensor that can be used to trigger an alarm when for example it is tracking a package and the package is opened (and the light comes in). It could be used to monitor a container door opening for example. The Sting also has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, for tracking perishable goods / cold chain applications.

You can see more info on the Sting here:




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