Introducing the Digital Matter “Yabby” range of Asset Location devices

How small can we go? We are continuously asked to design smaller devices but there is always a compromise. Smaller and lighter may be absolute requirements for some use cases but there are trade-offs:

  1. battery capacity
  2. antenna performance
  3. waterproof housing / IP rating

…more on these trade-offs in a future article.

Our latest design is the “Yabby”, which I believe is a great compromise between size, battery life and performance. See the pic below for a size comparison – the Yabby is the one in the middle, with the Guppy on the left and the Oyster on the right.

The main picture with the 3D printed Yabby housing being held in hand gives you a good idea of the small size.

The Yabby is currently in design with a LoRaWAN and Cellular LTE-CATM1 and NB-IoT version planned.


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