LoRaWAN Battery-Powered GPS Asset Location Goes To Production

The first batch of our new Oyster LoRaWAN battery-powered GPS asset tracker has just gone through production and we now have limited stock for system integrators to start testing and trialling.

The Oyster housing is IP67 rated (waterproof) and contains 3 x AA batteries which power the device. It uses an accelerometer to intelligently manage power and has a high performance UBLOX GPS with LNA, along with a decent ground plane to give *proper* GPS performance [see my older post GPS devices are NOT CREATED EQUAL!]

It comes in both 915 and 868 versions – the antenna and matching is tuned to provide the maximum performance in each of the bands.

Product web page here: http://www.digitalmatter.com/OYSTER-LoRa-BATTERY-GPS-TRACKER

It has been an interesting journey to get here. We initially started with the Microchip LoRaWAN module and soon got quite frustrated as our RF development was based in Australia and Microchip was very slow to support AU channels and specs. We then switched to use the Murata module which contains a small ST microcontroller and the Semtech RF front-end, along with TCXO, matching and a few other bits and pieces, all behind a nice tin can for RF shielding.

We have ported the Semtech LoRaWAN stack on to the module so now have full control of what regions, frequencies etc we can support, including AS923.


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