LTE-CATM Prototype Panels Arrive!

Exciting news is that Adrian had his grubby paws on the batch of PCB panels for our first LTE-CATM device. The market reality is that the modules are desperately trying to catch up with the networks – with most US networks already deploying CATM across their LTE networks, yet hardly any modules available and certified. In Australia, I heard yesterday that Telstra have *just* turned on CATM across their network as well. Exciting times!

This PCB is for the new Remora “Dolly” device, which is a battery powered GPS tracking device with the longest battery life on the market.

The Dolly uses 2 x “D” size LTC batteries for huge battery capacity. At 2 x 14,500 mAH that’s a lot of energy to be used for tracking.

The Dolly design also now includes Bluetooth Smart (BLE) for indoor tracking applications using Bluetooth beacons, and of course this could be used to communicate with wireless sensors.

For me what is particularly exciting is the LTE-CATM power saving mode (PSM) that the new modules support. This allows us to remain registered on the cellular network but in an extremely low power state. Great for battery powered devices!

ETA for our CATM devices is end 2017.

watch this space…

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