Covert GPS Tracking Using Digital Matter’s Remora Device

Thanks to Pat for sending me some pics of what he has been up to with one of our Remoras! Wait until he gets started with our new Oyster devices 🙂

He has used two strong magnets and attached them to the mounting points on the Remora. This enables the device to be easily attached covertly to the underside of a vehicle – where it performs no problem. We have put special care into designing the GPS circuitry with a low noise amplifier (LNA) and other assisted-GPS smarts to allow the Remora to track in the toughest of situations. And it uses GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russian) satellites concurrently, which makes it much better at getting fast and accurate position fixes. (who would have thought something good can come of putting USA and Russia in the mix together 😉 )

And of course with the 4 x C-cell batteries in there – the device will track for months with rapid updates rates.

Then he painted it black (with non-metallic paint) and you can hardly even see it stuck to the bottom of the vehicle.



The Remora is now also available in the North American version (USA and Canada) with PTCRB and FCC approvals.




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