Flexi1 transmitting sensor data on the Sigfox network using the new Wisol module

Our Flexi1 device uses plug-in cards that allow us to use different communication networks.

We had an initial design using the Radiocrafts Sigfox module but that is so $$$ we have done a new design using the Wisol Sigfox module – in this instance it is for the RCZ4 region where our Perth office is located. You can see the pic of the Flexi1 PCB with the prototype Flexicard plugged on, with the Wisol module on the card.

Despite a few quirks with the AT command interface Jamie has got it sending messages to the Sigfox back-end, as illustrated below.

The Flexi1 has a number of different interfaces and sensor inputs, so this means that we can offer all sorts of sensors on the Sigfox / Thinxtra networks!!

Click here to see more info on the Flexi1

Time to get these to production…




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