Oyster Sigfox prototypes reporting in Sydney

It’s been a really hectic couple of weeks – lots happening at DM with a rush to get our new products out the door before the Xmas shutdown. Physical hardware is one thing, but there is a huge amount of work that needs to go into firmware, software integration and the testers which we use to test each and every device that comes off the line.

We now have our Oyster Sigfox prototype units  reporting in on the Sigfox network.

I was in Sydney earlier this week and handed over the 2 working Oyster Sigfox GPS prototypes to Thinxtra, the Australian / NZ SNO. It was great to finally meet Loic and his team there, and to get an update of some of their plans for the network – exciting times ahead! Thanks on our side to James and Marc and the rest of the team for getting working firmware and the software integration happening on our Telematics Guru platform so quickly.

What was really interesting to see was the performance of the devices in Sydney. The units were getting GPS updates in the closet in the hotel we stayed in, and was reporting in on the Sigfox network. So far so good in terms of the coverage and performance of the device…

We continue to work on the firmware and software features specific to this device.

ETA for the first production units is currently 1st week of December.

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