The ‘Sting’ prototype has been born…

Adrian has been slaving away with building up the new Sting prototypes – as per the photo.

The Sting came about because a lot of our resellers were asking us for a much smaller battery powered GPS tracking device to do more ‘covert’ GPS tracking.

One of the ways that we have got the size down is to use a Li-Po rechargeable battery, allowing us to get 2500 mAh. We reckon we should get 3+ months of tracking off a single charge, even longer if not moving much.

The Sting is a battery powered tracking device with a range of interesting sensors. We have incorporated a light sensor. This is useful for setting up alerts for when a carton or package (containing the Sting) is opened. A temperature and humidity sensor is handy for measuring critical performance of shipments containing perishable goods. And an accelerometer is useful for reporting on harsh events, like a package being dropped.

Some specs:

  • Telit cellular modem: 2G, 3G, 4G etc
  • ublox MAX-M8Q GPS and GLONASS – excellent GPS performance
  • 2500 mAh rechargeable battery, via micro USB port
  • ultra low power design for long battery life between recharges
  • flash memory for logging, parameters etc
  • accelerometer for detecting movement and harsh events
  • built-in temperature and humidity sensor
  • built-in light sensor – alert on change in light levels (package opened)
  • micro SIM holder

The tooling for the housing is going ahead now as well.

Contact us to register your interest and we’ll keep you informed.



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